Some Things to Consider

The answer to ALL of the following questions will be YES at Richmond Hill Christian Academy.

Please consider what your answers would be if you sent your child to a non-Christian school, and what the effects would be on his future.

Yes / No

  1. Will my child’s education prepare him for life? (Or just to make a living?)
  2. Will I be confident when I go back home, or to work in the morning, that my child is with people I can trust?
  3. Will he know and experience God’s love for him?
  4. Will his childhood innocence be preserved for as long as possible?
  5. Will he be spending 30+hours a week in a wholesome, orderly, well-disciplined environment?
  6. Will he benefit from an excellent curriculum and dedicated teachers?
  7. Will he be reassured at school that God’s word is true and unchanging, a sure foundation for his life?
  8. Will he learn to show respect to parents and teachers and all others in authority?
  9. Will he grow up with others who love and obey the Lord?
  10. Will his teachers pray for him and with him?
  11. Will his friends and their families have Christian values?
  12. Will he be able to tell right from wrong?
  13. Will he have the desire and power to do what is right?
  14. Will he give Jesus first place in his life?
  15. Will he be encouraged at school to obey you now, and to honour you always?
  16. Will he naturally turn to God for wisdom and for help in time of need?
  17. Will he be helped to develop a servant heart and to have compassion for the needy?
  18. Will he be able to withstand temptation and the pressure to compromise?
  19. Will he have joy and peace with God, and the abundant life that Jesus promised?
  20. Will he learn how to work hard, and to have good work habits?
  21. Will he learn how to get along with others, and how to have wholesome fun?
  22. Will he be trained at school to be a Christian leader?
  23. Will he be helped to develop his talents and abilities to honour God?
  24. Will his life be lived in such a way as to have God’s blessing upon it?
“Choose you this day whom ye will serve…
but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”
Joshua 24:15

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