Abeka Curriculum and Text Books

In keeping with a Christian philosophy of education, and a desire to give our students the finest education available, we have chosen the Abeka curriculum, texts, and workbooks. The following will give parents a clear idea of the benefits they may expect for their children as this program is used day by day in the classroom:

1. The content from beginning to end is consistent with Biblical principles.

2. Both methods and materials foster good character and good work habits in the children. This is a teacher-directed program, encouraging attentiveness, obedience, and diligence.

3. The texts and workbooks are of exceptional quality. They are interesting, imaginative, and colourful, making daily work delightful and fun.

4. The Abeka materials make available the accumulated wisdom of years of study and experience by Christian educators in Christian schools. The texts provide thorough teaching of basic concepts and plenty of practice and review, so that every student will progress. Because the curriculum is from a single source, there are no gaps, and the progression is nearly perfect.

Reading is taught by intensive phonics beginning in Kindergarten. Even average students learn to read well at an early age, giving them a strong foundation for the future.

Arithmetic/math is practical and understandable and encompasses both Metric and Imperial.

The science and technology is detailed, and the history/geography is thorough.

We supplement these fine materials with extensive Canadian content in History/geography, and we teach French beginning in Grade One.

5. Because the content, lesson plans, and testing is already prepared, the teachers are able to concentrate on presentation and student needs without being burdened with having to invent content and tests. The students can then receive much more of the teacher’s attention and care.

6. Abeka curricula and books are used in more than 13,000 Christian schools in North America. According to the Abeka rep, 12 schools in Ontario use Abeka exclusively and 45 use it predominantly.


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