Sports, Field Trips, Extra-Curricular Activities, and Events

Sports, Other Extra-curricular Activities, Field Trips, and Special Events:

Sports: We train sports skills in the Phys. Ed. curriculum and in after-school clubs, and we participate in inter-school tournaments with other A.C.S.I. member schools in soccer, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, track and field, and badminton.

During January, the whole school from Grade 1 up goes skating together on Fridays at lunch time. Many of the younger children learn to skate during this period, often with the help of the older students.

Once a year, we take the senior students on an ski/snowboard day, to one of the resorts in the Barrie area which are well-suited for beginners. This is an immensely popular event.

Seasonal After-school clubs: We offer a variety of optional after-school clubs (at modest extra cost). The activities vary from year to year according to the inclinations of the teachers. To date, we have had clubs for sports such as gymnastics, baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, cross-country running, and track and field, as well as for Mandarin, German, Arabic, computer, junior science, drawing, painting, re-cycled art, crafts, origami, stamping, photo-album making, ceramics, glass painting, calligraphy, sewing, folk dancing, ballet, Christian dance, drama, signing for the deaf, choir, hand chimes, guitar, ukelele, violin, Guzheng (Asian harp), carom, chess and checkers, and cooking.

Mandarin: Ms. Janet Jiang conducts Mandarin clubs year-round at three levels: JK/SK, Grades 1 to 3, and Grades 4 and up.

Field Trips: For each class, we try to schedule at least one educational field trip for each of the three terms. Here are some of the interesting places that we visit:

Pioneer Village
St. Marie Among the Hurons
The Children’s Museum
The Royal Ontario Museum
Round-the-Bend Farm
Forsythe Family Farm
Markham Museum
The Toronto Zoo
Casa Loma
Kortright Conservation Centre
Willowgrove Outdoor Education Centre
Ripley’s Aquarium
The Roy Thompson Hall
Treetop Adventures
The Royal Winter Fair
The Ontario Science Centre
The Fire Station
The Library
McMichael Gallery
Schooner Kajama 

The Observatory
Christian Blind Mission
Richmond Hill Heritage Centre
Bruce’s Mill Conservation Centre
The Medieval Times
Canada’s Wonderland

Science and Adventure:

1. In late spring, we take the middle grades to Fair Glen (Christian) Youth Camp near Beaverton, Ontario for two days and one night of learning about God’s creation firsthand, of rock-climbing and canoeing, of nature games and campfires, of living together in harmony, and enjoying great fellowship and meals!

2. In prior years, some of the senior classes have spent a couple of days at the Cosmodome in Montreal, learning all about the life of an astronaut. Some of our senior classes have also experienced winter camping at Pioneer Camp.

3. We like to invite parents and visitors to share their special interests with our students. Visitors have included:

    • Mr. Robert Wright with his outstanding rock and mineral collection
    • Mr. Sid Daniels with his Live Reptile exhibit
    • Mr. John McKay, on tour from Australia, spending a day with our older students, sharing his slides and compelling observations on creation science
    • Dr. Recycle (Mr. Oliver Samonte of Vancouver, B.C.), sharing his unique hobby of making useful articles and children’s toys out of items we would otherwise throw out.
    • Mr. Calvin Smith of Creation Ministries International presenting strong scientific evidence, with many interesting illustrations, for the Biblical account of creation.

4. Grade 8 Graduation Trip: In recent years, our Grade 8 Graduation trip has become a three-day visit to Teen Ranch where the students experience horseback riding, skating, fun games, good food, and great sermons from our guest speakers, Pastor Len and Nancy Crow.

Performing Arts: We encourage our students to study and to enjoy participating in the arts: vocal and instrumental music, art, drama, dance, and public speaking. From time to time, all of the children, even the youngest, are given the opportunity of presenting what they have learned.

1. In June, the SK’s have a wonderful time at their Graduation sharing with their parents and friends all that they have accomplished.

2. Similarly, the senior students put on plays and skits at chapel and sometimes at concerts.

3. For the past few years, we have taken part in the annual Kiwanis Music Festival for school choirs and have been very proud of the children’s efforts. Recently, our senior choir received a Silver standing at the nationwide National MusicFest Canada competition. We thank God for he many musical opportunities provided to our students.

4. The annual school Christmas Concerts (Junior and Senior) and the Spring Concerts give all of the students an opportunity to present the Gospel using Scripture and song and drama to make clear the Lord’s love for us and His reason for coming.

Celebrations: We like to remember God’s gracious hand upon our individual lives, and upon our Christian school. We celebrate staff birthdays as they come along, and the children’s birthdays once a month. We also gather each year on our anniversary, January 15th, to thank God together for bringing Richmond Hill Christian School into being, and for blessing the school so that many, many children might know Jesus as their Saviour and might love Him and serve Him as Lord of their lives.


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