Visa Students

We welcome students from other lands who wish to study in Canada. If the parents do not accompany the student, the guardian must sign the Registration Form on behalf of the parents, acknowledging that he/she has read the Parent-Student Handbook and is thus familiar with our Christian standards, our regulations, and our expectations for both student and guardian.

Registration forms may be printed out from our website (  We accept faxed copies, provided that the originals are mailed to us as soon as possible.

Each visa student candidate must:

  1. Provide evidence of good academic achievement and good behaviour. Report cards for the most recent time in school, translated into English, would be helpful in the application.
  2. If not accompanied by parents, reside with a relative or friend of the family who has authority from the parents. The school must be provided with a copy of the letter by the parent appointing the guardian.
  3. Be willing to be tutored in English, if necessary, either through the school or privately. If the Academy arranges this during or after hours, extra fees may apply.
  4. Be willing to enter a grade level that is manageable for the student. Because our curriculum is advanced, this usually means going back a grade so that the student can cope with the curriculum while learning English.  If the student does not wish to study French, he/she will have a study period in its place.
  5. Submit a Certificate of Vaccination.
  6. With the guardian, attend an interview with the Principal and/or Administrator, and in some cases, the teacher. (If the student applies from his native country, we waive the condition of the interview.)  Following the interview, the guardian will be informed by letter of the outcome of the application.

Tuition: For the 2021-2022 school year, tuition is $12,000.  Discounts for the second and third child in the same family do not apply to visa students.  However, if the family immigrates, regular tuition rates apply, including the second and third child discount, as soon as the family achieves status in Canada.

As the Immigration Department requires that the full tuition be paid up front by visa student applicants, we do not require a deposit.  We issue a Letter of Acceptance suitable to support the student visa application upon receipt of the tuition funds, presuming we have conditionally accepted the application.  By arrangement, we can accept wire transfer of tuition payments from overseas.

Cheques should be made payable to Richmond Hill Christian Academy.

Refund is given only if your child’s student visa is denied by the Government of Canada.  A copy of the rejection notice must be provided.  There will be a $500 administration fee.

Short Term Attendance: When there is space for one or two more students in a class, we may consider accepting visa students for less than a full year.  In this case, all the above conditions would apply.  The rate for any period less than one year is $75 per school day.  There will be a book surcharge of $175.


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